Ultrasonic sensor DVUF

• Ultrasonic sensor
• PVDF material
• Voltage 18-30VDC- 4-20mA-4 wires
• Compact or flexible
• FPM Boards
• Measuring range up to 6 meters
• For distance, volume and level measurement
• For containers, open basis and channels
• Simple installation by G 1 ½˝ housing thread
• Operation voltage 24 VDC / casing head IP 67
• The UFM is an ultrasonic sensor for continuous level measurement without contact with the fluid.

• Principle of measurement without contact
• Options for distance, volume and level measurement
• Optional with continuous output or relays


• In warehouses or containers in practically the entire industry.
• Suitable for aggressive and neutral liquids if the parts in contact of the sensor are resistant to medium (steam) according to the Divatec resistance table.
• Not suitable for media where foam can be formed.

• The sensor consists of an ultrasonic transducer which continuously transmits short pulses of ultrasound to the surface of the medium. The impulses are received by the sensor
in the form of echoes.
• The time between transmission and reception of pulses is measured. This time is proportional to the distance and therefore to the filling height of the medium. The conversion of these values ​​to eg distance, fill height and volume is done by processor in the connection head.
• The output values ​​can be displayed by LCD and / or transmitted through the corresponding outputs.
• It has versions with output of 4 programmable relays, current output to 4 wires or 2 wires.
• In the two-wire version, the same connection is used for the output signal and for the power supply.