Pressure relief valve DV712

• For constant work pressures
• Low vibration, control of pressure peaks
• Easy adjustment of pressure, also during when working
• 100% free return pressure in the resting position
• PVC, PP and PVDF materials
• PTFE membrane
• DN 65 – 80: 0,5 – 10 bar, DN 65 – 100: 0,3 – 4 bar, DN 100: 0,5 – 6 bar


• For high pressure stability
• Safe reduction of overpressures and pulsations
• Valve adjustment also under working pressure
• Absolutely watertight by the valve membrane
• In the rest position 100% free of reactive pressure


• Construction of chemical facilities
• Construction of industrial facilities
• Water treatment


• Directly controlled by the fluid, the pressure maintenance valve serves in the industrial plants for the stabilization by the primary side of the working pressures
• To avoid pressure spikes, the pressure maintenance valve can also be used as a discharge valve. The pressure holding valve is mounted for this on a bypass line.

Function of the valve

• If the working or inlet pressure increases above the set value, the valve piston pressed against the spring force is pressed against the spring. The valve opens and the pressure in the secondary pipe (outlet side) is reduced. The valve closes as soon as the working pressure on the valve plunger is lower than the pre-set spring tension.
• Constructive dampening in the valve piston eliminates regulation oscillations. The shape membrane separates the fluid in the valve body from the top and atmosphere.

Adjustment of the valve

• Adjustment or readjustment of the desired or permitted working pressure is made on the adjusting screw after removing the protective cap using pressure gauges (Divatec membrane pressure transmitters with pressure gauge, type MDM 902) in the tube system. The adjusting screw is secured with a locknut and can be locked, if necessary, against unauthorized adjustment.


• Neutral and aggressive technically pure liquids, if the selected valve materials are resistant to the service temperature according to the Divatec resistance list.
• In the case of nitric acid or sulfuric acid, ask us about the exact conditions of use.