Pressure reducing valve (DV750)

• Control valve for pressure reduction
• We obtain constant work pressures
• Low vibration and behavior control
• Diameters from DN65 to DN80
• PVC, PP and PVDF materials
• PTFE membrane, EPDM or FPM gaskets
• PN10 bar
• Adjustment range: 1.0 – 6.0 bar


• Valve adjustment also under working pressure
• Absolutely watertight by the valve membrane
• High operating safety and long service life
• Secure membrane clamping with stainless steel screws in series
• Reduction of the pressure by throttling in the valve seat
• In series with two lateral screw connections for the pressure gauge or membrane separator


• Construction of chemical facilities
• Construction of industrial facilities
• Water treatment


• For the reduction of system pressures at almost constant working pressures

Function of the valve

• The open valve is balanced between the inlet pressure (primary pressure) and the lowest working pressure (secondary pressure). If the working pressure increases above or falls below the desired value, the large surface membrane is pressed up or down against the spring. The valve starts to close or open until the equilibrium state is reached again, that is, regardless of whether the inlet pressure increases or decreases, the working pressure remains constant (if the inlet pressure> working pressure).
• The valve piston has been designed to be suitable for plastic and has a strong design in order to safely receive the high closing forces in the valve seat. The shape membrane separates the fluid in the valve body from the top and atmosphere. Conditioned by the principle the secondary pressure acts on the membrane and is compensated by the force of the spring so that the pressure adjustment results in a
steady state.


• Neutral and aggressive technically pure liquids, if the selected valve materials are resistant to the service temperature according to the Divatec resistance list.
• In the case of nitric acid or sulfuric acid, ask us about the exact conditions of use.

Adjustment of the valve

• An adjustment or readjustment of the working pressure to be kept constant is made after removing the protective cap on the adjusting screw using the pressure gauges (Divatec membrane separators with pressure gauge, type MDM 902) in the tube system. The adjusting screw is secured with a locknut and can be locked, if necessary, against unauthorized adjustment.
• There is a difference between two employment cases:
· Secondary pressure – closed system or secondary pressure – system that flows dynamically