Dosing Valve Jet-Venturi SP 820

• Mix of fluids
• PVC, PP, PVDF materials
• EPDM or FPM seals
• Diameters from DN10 to DN80
• Hole under demand of different sizes (see tables)
• Gluing, soldering, or DIN or ANSI flanges


• Easy maintenance
• No moving parts
• Very little wear
• Low investment costs
• Use also with aggressive fluids
• Very good mixing effect
• High operational safety
• Little space needed


• Construction of chemical facilities
• Water treatment
• Galvanotécnica


• To mix, dose and transport liquids
• To evacuate air in pipes and vessels
• To empty containers or ditches with pump


• The motor fluid flows to a nozzle installed in the water jet pump in the main flow direction. The narrowing of the section conditioned by the hole of the nozzle causes an acceleration of the motor fluid and consequently in the area of ​​the suction nozzle a depression that sucks the liquid or gaseous fluids produced.
• The sucked amount is a function of the pressure of the motor fluid and the nozzle hole. See the standard values ​​for the quantity aspirated in the diagram.

Amount aspirated

• Standard values ​​see diagrams


• We recommend an empirical determination by adapting the nozzle hole to the desired operating point. Standard values ​​see diagrams


• Nozzles are standard without holes!


• Liquid or gaseous neutral or aggressive liquids, technically pure, if the components of the valves that contact the fluids are resistant to the service temperature according to the Divatec resistance list!

More Specifications

Nominal pressure (H2O, 20°C)
• PN 10

Medium temperature
• see pressure and temperature diagram

Service pressure
• See pressure and temperature diagram

Construction size
• DN 10 – DN 80

• PP


• From DN 10 to DN 50: Housing with DIN 8063 threaded connection
• From DN 65 to DN 80: Casing with tubing

Flow direction
• Siempre en el sentido de la flecha

• Body: PVC-U, grey, RAL 7011
• Body: PP, grey, RAL 7032
• Body: PVDF, yellowish white