Aeration vent valve DV891-DV991

• Valves for the aeration of the deposits
• PVC, PP and PVDF materials
• Diameters from DN15 to DN80
• Ball in PTFE
• FPM Boards
• With HATELLOY spring or without spring
• Weld or flanged connections


• High operating safety and long service life
• Requires little maintenance
• Simple union of the valve to the pipe by the proven bonding or welding process


• Construction of chemical facilities
• Water treatment


• For the aeration and deaeration of industrial plants


• If liquid is removed from the container, the valve ball / float is at the bottom of the valve. The protective air / gas can enter the container and therefore ensure a pressure compensation. The container is not damaged by depression.
• When the vessel is filled, the air / protective gas purges through the valve to the atmosphere until the liquid level reaches the valve / float ball. If you continue to fill the valve ball / the float floats with the liquid level and clogs the container in the valve seat.


• Conditioned by operation, only vertical mounting is possible
• In the closed state, deaeration can be carried out despite the accumulation of air (fluids that emit gas) only if the pressure in the container is lower than the atmospheric pressure.
• Valves are not suitable for media that reduce the opening or closing of the ball / float due to deposition or adhesion.


• Liquid or gaseous fluids that are neutral or aggressive, technically pure, if the components of the valves that contact the fluids are resistant to the service temperature according to the Divatec resistance list