Centrifugal pump with magnetic coupling SHM

• Without mechanical seals
• Materials PP-GF, PVDF
• Flow rates up to 80m3 / h
• Height up to 65m
• 2900rpm motor // 1500rpm
• Engine coated corrosive EPOXI paint
Type of construction
• Horizontal pump with hermetic seal and magnetic coupling, with special bearing pair, suitable for dry running


• Free of leaks and emissions thanks to the construction without tree joint

Construction size

• SHM 20-15-80 0.18 kW
• SHM 40-40-100 0.37 kW
• SHM 40-40-125 0.75 kW
• SHM 50-40-145 1.50 kW
• SHM 50-40-145 2.20 kW
• SHM 65-50-145 4.00 kW
• SHM 85-50-180 5.50 kW
• SHM 85-50-180 7.50 kW

Technical execution

• Axial suction pipe and radial pressure pipe
• The components that contact the media are PP, reinforced with fiberglass or PVDF.
• Wheel support through the shaft of the aluminum oxide pump (Al2O3) or carbon silicide (SSiC) with axial guidance
• Axial bearing in carbon, aluminum oxide (Al2O3) or carbon silicide (SSiC)
• Carbon silicide cap (SSiC) or carbon HD
• Open radial wheel (20-15-80) or closed
• Power transmission through the central coupling with overload protection
• Magnets with high energy density
• Internal magnetic support encapsulated in a leak-tight manner, non-magnetic separating flange made of PP-GF or PVDF to avoid eddy current losses