Pressure transmitter – DV

• OEM applications
• Monolithic ceramic sensor
• Supply voltage: 8 … 35 Vdc.
• Output signal: 4 ÷ 20 mAdc.
• Stainless Steel construction. AISI316.L
• Reduced dimensions
• Measuring ranges: from 0 … 1 Bar to 0 … 250 Bar
• NBR gasket material

Pumps / Compressors
Pressure measurement in water circuits
Hydraulics / Pneumatics
Machine tool
Farm Equipment
Ventilation / Heating
Control and regulation engineering


Pressure transmitters BLAIPAS new generation provide excellent value – price offering optimal utilization characteristics.
The sensor of the pressure transmitter is made of ceramic and the technique used piezoresistive.
This technology is related to the deformation of the diaphragm in which are taxed four resistors forming a wheatstone bridge. Therefore the effect of a pressure on it which cause a change suitably treated deliver a pressure proportional to the electrical signal processing.
The use of the ceramic technology in the field of pressure transmitters provides excellent reliability to the pressure directly in the ceramic sensor. Since no camera fluid inside (synthetic oil, glycerine, etc., which can produce variations for dilatation effects) contributed a high stability against temperature effects.