Solenoid valve (Type 150)

• Direct-acting thermoplastic valve
• Fast change
• Core tube sealed by PTFE bellows
• Independent of compressed air supply
• Wide area of ​​application
• Pilot operation.
• Diameters from DN10 to DN20
• Adjustment range: 0.0 -2.0 bar


• Closed without current (NC)
• Pilot operation

Function of the valve

• In the resting position, the fluid pressure is formed through a servodrive in the upper part of the membrane (2), the valve is closed.
• During the connection, the pilot valve is first opened, that is, the magnet frame and the attached pilot membrane (5) goes up and releases a discharge hole at the valve outlet. This produces a depressurization above the membrane (2) and the valve opens due to the pressure of the fluid.
• In the pilot valve a liquid filling (standard: silicone oil) supports the closing effect of the spring (11). The pilot membrane (5) reliably separates the fluid from the magneto frame (10) or from the atmosphere. To clean the servo drills, the pilot valve can be easily removed after loosening the union nut (8) -with the system without pressure-. The magnet is fixed with a blind nut (15). This one can rotate
freely in front of the valve body in 360°.
• The type 150 solenoid valve is characterized by a sturdy solid plastic construction especially with regard to external mechanical influences.

Type of construction

• Seat valve with membrane seal
• Local clogged enducido


• Liquid or gaseous neutral or aggressive liquids, technically pure, if the components of the valves that contact the fluids are resistant to the service temperature according to the Divatec resistance list!

More Specifications

Medium temperature
• max. +50°C

Service pressure
• from 0.3 to max. 6 bar (see table)

Construction size
• DN 15 – DN 50

• Up to approx. 38 mm² /s (cSt)

• PP


Room temperature
• max. +50°C

• PVC-U: Sleeve for gluing
• PP: welding sleeve
• PTFE: threaded sleeve

Female connector for equipment
• In accordance with DIN 43650

• 24V CC
• 230 V 50 Hz

Voltage tolerance
• +/-10% according to VDE 0580

coil power
• 230V 50Hz: 6,5VA
• 24V DC: 5 watts

Connection duration (%)
• 100

Action time
• Aperture: from 30 ms to 150 ms
• Closing: 50 ms to 1 sec.

• IP 65 with mounted female equipment connector
• EEXM II T4 version on request.

Mounting position
• Magneto preferably arrives
• Observe the marking »UP«!

• NO (open without current)
• Manual emergency control

• For correct operation, a differential pressure of at least 0.3 bar is necessary.